The story of Nunic is very old, but enduring. A young woman lost to the sea, forced to survive by adapting to live within the sea.

She is a tale for all of us to learn from. Adapting to new surroundings, situations or challenges are what keep us strong.

As with all of us we need to transform over a lifetime.  Who we are young must evolve to become who we are overtime.

For the lucky we get to choose who we become, be the person we want to be early in life , then ever stride to develop that person to their fullest!.

Made from an original clay sculpture with steel environment, it stands 9" x 27" x5". This is a singular sculpture not sold in multiple quantities. The price includes Maine sales tax, but not shipping.  Please do not choose more than 1 qty on button.  Shipping is within 24 hours of contact. For shipping please contact me directly at + 1.207.768.1743 or email me at shannon{ at }mayatziastudios{ dot }com

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