From the time of the ancients to the present we have always strived to find our one true love or soul mate.

Idolic Lovers

My wish was to capture this timeless love. In a way that please my minds eye.  With each detail of the subtle features vs the rough undefined areas of interest to provide a comfortable calming rest between exciting tensions. 

Our own lives revolve around many emotions, love , hate, sorrow, etc... They shape who we are to become and how we live our lives. I like to sculpt iconography that I can experience in my daily life to help keep me emotionally strong for the next day to come.

Made from an original clay sculpture cast with  an acrylic resin, it stands 14"h x 5"wx6"d. This is a singular sculpture not sold in multiple quantities. The price includes Maine sales tax, but not shipping.  Please do not choose more than 1 qty on button.  Shipping is within 24 hours of contact. For shipping please contact me directly at + 1.207.768.1743 or email me at shannon{ at }mayatziastudios{ dot }com.



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