Few word I would like to share...

Hi I have been an artist for most of my life.  I remember my first request as an artist, an intricate map of the Continental United States, in the third grade.  I was so proud to be asked to make three for different classes in the school, it sparked in me a desire to draw more and create something everyday.  Since then over the years I have tried many different mediums styles and thoughts trying to find my own voice.  For me it was and still is a difficult route to navigate, there are so many wonderous things art has to offer that I fear I cannot ignore, or worse yet  "just choose one!"

So many years later I still discover what excites me, pushes me to evolve and enjoy the world around me.  This site contains my current body of works.  I never felt I was just one type of artist, ie. painter, sculptor, printmaker etc.  I feel that any form of expression must come from the medium it was meant to be in..  some imagery tells me Intaglio is the right path to express it's motives.  While others like the animal series with my daughter just screams COLOR!!! and many mixed materials to try to convey the emotional riptide it evokes from me.

So to that end I have complied a small collection here, Please let me know how you feel about them.

Thank you, Shannon King